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New Compressors -

Thermo Engine Supply has a wide assortment of aftermarket parts for Thermo King®* transport refrigeration systems. Our online catalog and fast delivery service makes us the number one supplier of replacement parts in the industry. Thermo Engine Supply is your premier source for quality aftermarket Reefer compressor parts. Our complete catalog of spare parts are in stock and ready for same day shipping.

Our experienced technicians build and test every compressor before it leaves our facility.

Remanufactured Compressors-

We also hand select certain used compressors for our tear down and remanufacturing process. All remanufactured compressors receive the following new parts.

Here is the standard bill of materials for a remanufactured X430 Large Shaft Compressor:

        TES PART NUMBER: 101-X430 LS
        LIST PRICE:  $1375.00 (with exchangable core)

        Part Number    Description
        10-11-5513      VALVE ASSY, 90  DEGREE
        10-22-1246      BEARING SET, CONNECTING ROD
        10-22-1027      CRANKSHAFT, X430 LARGE SHAFT
        10-22-1101      SEAL, COMPRESSOR
        10-22-1160      OIL PUMP
        10-22-306F      SUCTON SCREEN W/FELT
        10-22-568        CHECK VALVE
        10-22-639        CONN ROD
        10-22-653        CHECK VALVE ASSEMBLY
        10-22-656        CYLINDER LINER
        10-22-784        REGULATOR, OIL PRESSURE
        10-22-787        CHECK VALVE
        10-22-850        PISTON ASSY
        10-22-990        VALVE PLATE ASSEMBLY
        10-33-1175      O-RING, PUMP COVER
        10-33-1221      O-RING, SUCTION SCREEN
        10-33-1549      GASKET, PUMP HOUSING
        10-33-2019      O-RING, CYLINDER HEAD
        10-33-2095      O-RING, OIL & DRAIN PLUG
        10-33-2205      O-RING, PICKUP TUBE
        10-33-239        O-RING, OIL GALLEY
        10-33-2513      GASKET, DRIVE PLATE
        10-33-2515      GASKET, OIL SUMP
        10-33-2546      GASKET, MANIFOLD
        10-33-2552      GASKET, CYLINDER HEAD
        10-33-2805      GASKET, WIRE REINFORECED
        10-33-3004      OIL SEAL
        10-33-408        O-RING, VALVE PLATE
        10-33-672        O-RING, REGULATOR
        10-77-169        BEARING, PUMP END
        10-77-2306      BEARING, SEALED
        10-99-6545      PLATE, SUCTION
        10-99-5588      PLATE, CYLINDER HEAD
        10-11-5513S    VALVE ASSY, STRAIGHT
        10-22-1028      COVER, BEARING